The First One

Welcome to my blog! Life has been a bit crazy lately with moving my family to a new state and starting a new job. I am excited to get this blog started though! As I embrace all of the change, let’s get started with some randomness that is my life currently.

My daughter continues to grow and change. She is 9 months old now and I definitely blinked and the better part of a year has zipped by. I feel so blessed to be her mama and to experience all of this with my husband. Our little family just makes me so happy.

We are a few weeks out from moving into our new house- I am so eager to get settled in!

So far summer in Georgia has been good. We are taking advantage of pool access while in our temporary apartment. The rain storms here are no joke- a lot of lightning and thunder. We were even rained out of getting to see fireworks.

Our new city is quite different from what we are used to, yet feels like coming home at the same time. South Florida is it’s own bubble and we got used to it while we lived there. But, my husband and I definitely missed Southern culture and feel like that is what we will find here.

I will end with a fun family picture. Stay tuned for more interesting posts as life gets more settled.




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