Part 3- Children’s Hospital NICU

As soon as we arrived at the Children’s hospital, we met with our doctor and were given a rundown of the tests our daughter would need. It was A LOT! Things were to begin with her being seen by some specialist doctors the following day. My husband and I went to a hotel that night. We were trying to get into some family housing but it was too late that day to get in. We were at the hospital bright and early the next day, eager for tests so that we could get a move on getting her home. As we met with the specialists we heard a lot of hypotheses regarding what was going on with our daughter. To be honest, there were some scary things that needed ruled out. It was clear to us that these specialists and these tests were what we had needed all along. And remember, the original hospital we were at could not run these tests. Over the course of the next several days, my daughter had more medical tests than most of us will ever have in a lifetime. I prefer not to run through all of them but suffice it to say it was tiring for her, and tough for us. We soon learned that my daughter was suffering from severe reflux and sleep apnea. Both of which were attributed to the brady’s and the reflux was making it harder for her to eat, which is why they kept trying to say she had eating coordination issues. We were pretty floored that the answer was so simple. But we were thankful to have answers. Next steps were to try some drugs and see what happened. All in all we were at this second NICU for 15 days. The last two days we stayed in a step down personal room with our daughter and then were released. She was released with a heart rate/breathing monitor, which we had to keep on our daughter until she was 6 months old. So, on our daughter’s 2 month birthday, we finally got to take our little one home.

I thank God every day for our daughter- she is such a blessing to us!


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