I never thought twice about growing up away from family. My husband never thought twice about always having family around. Those dichotomies are now front and center as we raise a child. I want my daughter to know her extended family. And with that in mind we situated ourselves closer to family with our latest move. It makes me happy that we have several of my husband’s family members coming for her first birthday party. I know that life is busy and we all have many priorities that we are balancing. But one thing that will always stick out in my mind is that we make time for things that are important to us. In life, everyone puts effort where they choose to. It’s just that, a choice.

With that in mind, our house is clean and we are gearing up for little one’s first birthday party this weekend! I am keeping my fingers crossed that there are no more sicknesses that appear this week in our house.


You came into our life like a dream

And the memories created have been timeless.

My heart is so full with your love.

I cannot imagine any other life.

Daughter, you are the best thing for this mama’s heart.

Love only touches the surfaces of what I feel.

Your presence makes the sky bluer, grass greener, and sun brighter.

I close my eyes and dream of your smile forever.

Daughter, you are the best thing for this mama’s heart.

There have been so many memories made.

There are so many memories yet to come.

I look forward to the future and have so many hopes and dreams for you.

Daughter, you are the best thing for this mama’s heart.


It’s so awesome to have a daughter. You think of everywhere that you have been in life and everywhere she could go. I cannot wait to discover what her aspirations are. I would do anything to make her dreams come true. I want her to know that she truly can do anything- no matter what life put in her path.


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