Camping Long Weekend

image (2)

image (1)

(Some campsite pictures)

Our little family spent last weekend camping in the most beautiful location. We stayed at Wind Creek State Park in Alabama, on Lake Martin. It was the kind of weekend that you just do not want to end. And in my case, my phone didn’t pick up enough signal to be useful, so I really was able to disconnect. We were able to head out Friday morning and stay through Monday. We have a new 8 person tent, which makes for a nice, spacious area for us to make camp at. The weather was amazing- cool in the evening and warm during the day. Friday when we arrived, we quickly got settled and walked around the campground, taking in the views. Our spot was on the lake, so we also spent some time relaxing by the water. That evening my husband and I enjoyed playing some dominos in the moonlight once baby was asleep. It was so nice to have quiet, disconnected time together. That night it poured rain on us, but luckily we had the rain cover on the tent and stayed nice and dry inside. With that rain came a bit of a cold front, so the temperatures were a little cooler for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday we got up and had breakfast. We made coffee with our new stainless percolator (well, coffee for me only since my husband is not a fan). Definitely a necessary addition to our camping items. I must say it is so nice to sit outside by a lake in the woods and have morning coffee.  Once we were ready to go, we headed out to explore the hiking trails. Luckily baby settled into her Ergo carrier and took a nap for most of the hike. This allowed us to really take in the views and enjoy ourselves. It was a nice trail with great views of the lake and a creek at times. I will say though, once the end was in sight, we were all more than ready for some lunch and rest. It was such a beautiful hike through the woods. For the remainder of the day, we walked around the campground, took baby to the playground, and just relaxed.


(This picture makes me smile so big- she was enjoying the swing so much!)

Saturday night we lit a fire and once baby was asleep we enjoyed some s’mores and conversation. Another great night.


On Sunday we took our time getting started, which was so nice. We ended up renting a boat for a few hours and enjoying some time on the lake. Baby was a trooper and eventually I took her off the boat and spent some time walking around the campground with her and taking her to the playground again.

image4    image3     image5

Sunday night was another relaxing evening by the fire. All in all, this weekend was exactly what we needed. Time away in nature, enjoying time together. I see many more weekends like this in our future.



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