Thursday Thoughts

Hi friends! Hope everyone has been having a good week. Here are some thoughts for this Thursday.

It is officially fall here in Georgia. We have had some cold (to us) low temperatures this week. And of course I get a cold as the lower temperatures start. So I am drinking lots of tea and taking Mucinex in hopes of stopping this cold before it gets too bad. The good news is that we are more than halfway through the week already! It is kind of funny to be wearing all of my coats from North Carolina days- 12+ years ago! It’s a good thing I saved them. I am also so thankful for the heated blanket and heater that I have in my cube here at work!

My daughter’s personality really is coming out lately. It’s so cool to start seeing who she is. Her expressions are awesome lately and she just has so much to say! More and more I am understanding what she is trying to tell us also. The way she plays with her toys has become so animated. One of my favorite things she does lately is chase after our cat. She lets out this squeal when she sees him and takes off. He has been letting her catch him and she gives him a hug or pets him. Luckily so far she has been gentle with him.

I switched my Junior League membership up here and attended my first meeting. I look forward to spending more time volunteering and getting to know the ladies here. It’s so very important to have women to turn to where you live and slowly but surely I know I will build that network here.

I have been back into running lately and it’s just making me so happy. It’s one activity that helps center me, keep stress at bay, and just makes me feel like me. I am looking forward to signing up for some Spring races! Right now I am thinking about Gate River Run in March and maybe the Cooper River Run in April. If you have any suggestions for other races, let me know. I am thinking 15k race distance max for now, and maybe a half marathon by Fall next year…. but I am still undecided.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!



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