Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Here is a roundup of some favorites from this week.

Sunbeam Heated Blanket

I love using this in my cube at work. Sometimes I get cold and do not want to turn on my heater and dry the air out, so I like to use this blanket. It’s great for lining your chair (like a seat warmer) or using as a blanket over you.

Ultimate Mixture for Severe Diaper Rash

This mixture is a lifesaver for our little one. When Boudreaux’s Butt Paste fails to help a severe rash, this is what we turn to. We mix Lotrimin cream, Cortisone cream, and Neosporin (original formula) in the following ratio:

1/3 Lotrimin

1/6 Cortisone

1/6 Neosporin original

It takes a good 24 hours of using only this in place of diaper cream, along with rinsing and using washcloths instead of baby wipes for cleanup. Luckily our babe still fits in the sink so this isn’t too troublesome. Supposedly corn starch is a good option for boys, but for girls can cause a yeast infection so the lotrimin addition is better. And when she has to go to daycare, we send Seventh Generation wipes since they cannot do the wash off method there. Note, this recipe and method was provided by our pediatrician.

Krusteaz Gluten Free Flour

We have been buying this at Sam’s Club (no Costco in our new city) for the past few months and have found that it does really well in recipes. The blend is a little closer to standard (wheat) flour. We made the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of the bag last weekend and they were amazing. The texture was more cake-like, which is the kind of cookies I prefer. This flour works really well for pizza dough and other baked goodies. The texture is a little better than some of the other GF flours we have tried.

Hot Tea

Cooler weather means more opportunities to enjoy hot tea! I love to get into the nightly mug of tea habit. A nice warm mug of tea is so calming before bed. And while I have this cold, tea sure does taste good during the day at work also. My favorites are green tea, earl gray/black, and chai teas. And if I am home I love to add honey and a splash of almond milk.


Hope everyone has a good weekend! My plans include resting up and getting rid of this cold as well as quality time with my husband and daughter.


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