Natural Skincare & Beauty

This topic has been a work in progress in my life. Two years ago when I was first pregnant I remember finding out all of the ingredients that were harmful to use on my skin while pregnant. That started me down a rabbit hole of cleaning up the products that I use for skincare and beauty. A little bit prior to that, I had already switched to pure castile soap (Dr. Bronner’s is my favorite) for bathing/showers as I was finding my skin getting very sensitive to all bar soaps. So now, with pregnancy skin that was sensitive and broken out, I embarked upon a natural journey. Also note that I have to make sure products I use are gluten free as well, due to my intolerance.

My first step was a stop in the local Lush Cosmetics store. If you do not know this brand yet- get acquainted! They make homemade fresh face and body cleansers/scrubs/masks and more.  I was seriously overwhelmed when I walked in. Luckily, the associates help to walk you through the store and find out what your needs are. They had me test some products and I walked out with several items ready to give it a go. Over the next weeks and months I was amazed at the results. These products really work! I still use their face products today, although I order through the website for convenience (and because I now live in a city that does not have a store). My favorite items right now are Fresh Farmacy and Angels on Bare Skin.

I have spent the last couple of years slowly working through my other skincare and makeup products, wanting to work through what I already have before switching to new things. My favorite new find for skincare is Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever Oil. This is a total hippie brand from Canada, but it is a mix of amazing facial oils that my skin is just loving. And, as signs of aging are appearing on my face I really wanted to make sure my skin is getting the TLC it needs. I use this as a serum under my moisturizer at night and sometimes alone as a moisturizer.

For makeup, this has been a transition over the past few years. I was using Aveda face products and pretty happy with them, but my skin has changed over the past few years and I just wasn’t happy with the coverage I was getting. So I did a lot of research on natural makeup and eventually landed on Tarte mineral products. I was already using their blush and picked out a foundation too. So far so good with these. They cover really well, yet look very natural and my face still looks skin like. I was finding that no matter how light I put on the Aveda powder it just looked heavy.

At this point, I am not fully using all natural products, but I am close. I feel so much better about things I am using and my skin reflects that.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these products, and the opinions above are all of my own.


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